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We survived…but today all hell broke loose.

Posted on: December 5, 2006

Casting was not fun, but we all came out of it unscathed. I was totally exhausted when we got home and didn’t have the energy to post anything. For those waiting on news, I’m sorry! The 5+ hours in the car and the emotional exhaustion from having to hold him down while he screamed for 15 minutes totally did me in. But we made it and in 2 weeks we’ll pick up his helmet, just in time for Christmas.

Then today was one thing after another. First, J returned to school after I kept him home last week for a runny nose and persistent cough. I wasn’t totally sure he wasn’t contagious and thought I’d better err on the side of caution. After I dropped him off, I ran back home to shower and get ready for a pediatrician appointment for C. While I was there, I made an appointment for J to be seen in the afternoon. C got his one shot (DTaP…we spread them out and only give 1-2/month rather than the 4-5 every other month most kids get if vaccinated according to the “schedule”) and did very well. Cried for maybe 30 seconds and then was smiling at the nurse.

I had to run back over to J’s school and pick him up so we could get home for C’s play therapy. I was hesitant about doing it today because I was worried his shot would be bothering him but she got almost 45 good minutes from him. On top of that he was super tired and cranky because we’d been too busy for me to really nurse him as much as he normally likes. So then I had to calm him down…we headed to bed and I nursed him down for a nap while J fell asleep on the couch. Less than an hour later, I had to wake everyone up to head to J’s appointment. Nobody was happy about that!

J was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Frankly, I doubt that is the real problem. He has been acting like he feels fine. The runny nose cleared up last week and only the cough remains. He wasn’t wheezing. I just find it hard to believe he has *pneumonia* of all things, but whatever. Three days of zithromax should clear it up. Usually we get prednisone but the pediatrician wanted to make sure we knock out any infection.

After we picked up the prescription and ran a few errands, we headed back home. C has remained fussy. I am unsure whether it is the shot, teething, general anger at the lack of downtime, or something else. Maybe a combination? Regardless, it hasn’t been fun!

And now to the biggest thing…C had his first cereal tonight. Yes, I’m mourning. Until now, he has been 100% breastfed. I can count the number of bottles he’s had on one hand. Has had only a few drops of formula while in the hospital at birth. Won’t take a paci at all. I am so proud of my accomplishments thus far considering the breastfeeding struggles and ultimate failure I had with J. He’s shown some reactions to tree nuts, so we were planning to wait as long as possible before introducing any solids. I wanted to wait 6 months, but C had other plans. He’s been grabbing for food for a week or two now and watches our every move while eating. Last night, he managed to get an animal cracker from me and brought it straight to his mouth. I got it away, but I figured it was time to give in and let him try something new.

So I pulled out my little hand pump and managed to get about an ounce of milk and found the organic rice cereal I bought a couple of weeks ago. Mixed it up and here’s the result…

C cereal 3

C cereal 1

C cereal 2

Think he liked it? I guess he’ll get a small bowl of rice cereal each night for a week, then we’ll move on to something more exciting like barley cereal or oatmeal. Then to veggies if he tolerates everything well. My baby is growing up WAY too fast!


1 Response to "We survived…but today all hell broke loose."

What a sweet little smile on C. I think he liked that cereal. You have two cute little boys. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Denise & family

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