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Money. I hate it.

Posted on: January 3, 2007

We looked at a house today. I liked it. It has a lot of the things we want…1 extra bedroom would have been nice but we could certainly make do with the 3 it had. Nice big yard. The rooms are small, but will hold our furniture. It’s at the *very* top end of what we can afford, though.

We bought Donnie the best car we could afford. It is a Ford Crown Victoria. A 1997 model. With over 100k miles. It was a deputy’s car, used to transport criminals. You can still see the outline of a star on the door. It’s not much, but we paid cash for it, and we’re praying it gets him through until we can afford something better…probably not until my minivan is paid off.

I’m stressed about taxes. I have no idea if we will owe money or if we’ll get to get a refund. We try to always break even but so much happened this past year that I just don’t know if it will work out that way. What a blessing it would be to find out we WAY overpaid and get some back!

I am frustrated sometimes by our lack of extra money. I remind myself that we don’t have an expensive house or expensive cars because I made a choice to stay home with my kids. I remind myself that being home with my kids is (for *my* family) more important than nice things. We’re lucky we can live on one salary…lots of people can’t! But GOLLY sometimes it would be nice to be able to afford a nicer house or a nicer car or new furniture or that flat screen TV to replace the one that is about to conk out on us.

Big ugly rant on money over. I still hate it though.  And wish that perhaps there was some monetary compensation available to women who choose to stay home with their babies.


1 Response to "Money. I hate it."

Just be glad that you are home with your kids! That is the most important thing. There are lots of women that wish they were able to stay home. You shouldn’t have to pay anything in taxes…just wait until your kids get too old to claim anymore…that is when you start to worry. We have had to pay big bucks the past two years and it is no fun!!! You don’t have to have all those nice things, yeah it would be nice, but….you have to sacrifice for your family. Oh how I would like to have one of those flat screen TV’s…but we can’t afford one right now. So, cheer up!! One of these days, your kids will thank you for being home with them day in and day out!!! You are a great MOM!


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