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Still waiting on word on the house, but good news on the head shape!

Posted on: January 13, 2007

We’ve been going back and forth on the house stuff.  They WAY underpriced it if they’re expecting to get what they want.  Actually, it’s probably not worth what they want!  Their realtor is trying to convince them to take our final offer as it’s been on the market for 5 months and (we have been told) have received no offers at all.  Either they don’t really want to sell or they are being very unrealistic.  Or both.


And in good news, C may only need his helmet for 2 more weeks!!!  At his adjustment yesterday, the orthotist said she wouldn’t even recommend one if he came in today for an evaluation.  So we did it at just the right time…he had great head growth and it corrected *very* quickly.  They originally told us 2 months, but it looks like it will only be around 6 weeks.  Wonderful news!

For those who have gotten here by googling plagiocephaly and related terms (and I’ve seen a few) I cannot stress enough just how important it is to trust your instincts and push for treatment!  Our pediatrician was taking a very “wait and see” attitude but I pushed it and got the prescription for the DOCband.  If we’d waited, he may have been in it for a much longer period of time and not gotten such good correction.  DO NOT let people tell you you’re crazy, over-reacting, that it doesn’t matter, etc.  You’re not, and it DOES matter.  Call your local Early Intervention office, talk to your pediatrician, see a specialist, whatever it takes.  The earlier the better.


1 Response to "Still waiting on word on the house, but good news on the head shape!"

I found your blog while looking up plagio. What an encouragement this post was to me. My daughter will start wearing her band on Thursday. I am so glad it worked out so well and so fast for you. Cangratulations-

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