The W Family Chronicles

Crazy busy weekend…and healing mommy burnout.

Posted on: April 23, 2007

Last week was pretty rough.  I was feeling SERIOUS mommy burnout and just wanted some time to myself.  On Friday afternoon I called the salon and begged them to get me in that evening and even though I didn’t get my regular girl (which is fine…last time I saw her was to get my eyebrows waxed and she had been drinking at 9AM!) they said they’d make sure I was well taken care of.  So I called D and told him I needed him to be home by 6:00 and let him listen to C screaming for a minute so he could tell just how stressed I was.  So I headed over there and proceeded to have ALL of my hair cut off.  It’s shorter than it’s ever been!  I like it, but I’m still trying to get used to it.  It’s easy, though…wash, mousse, hit it with a dryer for a minute and I’m done!

Saturday morning we headed to Florence to attend a picnic with my mom friends from there.  I’ve missed them all a lot and it was great to see everyone.  The last time I saw them was at my baby shower in June…after C was born things went crazy and I never made it back down there for any events.  It was a nice day, but made me a little sad.  Damn Maytag and their worthless CEO.  He ran them into the ground and then made millions off the Whirlpool buyout.  But enough of that bitterness…

Sunday morning we all got up and went to church.  It was preschool Sunday at the church where J goes to school and his class was singing during the service.  The church was nice, though everyone was VERY dressed up.  We fit in, but I prefer a more casual church environment, if I’m going to go.  And of course C started screaming during the sermon so I had to leave.  There was nowhere I could go to nurse him (11AM is prime nap time, and of course that’s right when the service started) and still hear the sermon.  Slightly disappointing, as there were a lot of babies in the service AND in the nursery.  You’d think they’d have a mother’s room or something.  I haven’t seen any churches here that have a mother’s room, so attending church regularly is probably not going to happen any time soon.  I’m just not comfortable nursing him in the sanctuary, even though most people wouldn’t have a clue…I’ve gotten pretty good at nursing in public discretely.  There is another church here in town that I might try.  Their website specifically mention being supportive of breastfeeding moms, so that may work for us.  Their beliefs and core values seem in line with ours, so it may be a better fit than the church where J goes to school.

So I’m feeling better.  A bit less burned out, a bit more able to cope with the kid stuff.  All it took was a haircut, a day with friends, and church.  Oh, and a 3 hour nap yesterday helped, too.  Too bad I wasn’t able to sleep last night.  That’s all for now, b/c C is trying to turn the computer off.  I better take that hint!


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D is the dad, the husband, and the breadwinner. All around nice guy and good at pretty much everything he does. It's disgusting, really. But makes him worth keeping around.

M is the mom, the wife, and the hopeless housekeeper. At least the kids' heads haven't fallen off yet. Beyond that, she sucks at the "stay at home" thing. Oh, and she's the blogger.

J is the big boy. Born October 11 2002, he is in kindergarten and loves it. Now 6 years old, and too smart for his own good. Talks a lot but extremely entertaining.

C is the little boy. Born June 26, 2006, he went through a lot in his first year but is doing just fine now. The only blond in the family, so his paternity is routinely questioned by rude strangers.

V is our baby girl. She is brand new and arrived in January 2009. So far everything is going well. We're thrilled to have added the final piece to our family puzzle. And yes, she WILL be the final piece!


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