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We’ve set a date for C’s first birthday party — June 30!  We have quite a few family members coming in from out of town already, so we can’t offer you a room here but if you are friends or family and want to come, let me know and I can get you some details and info.  Everyone is welcome, so if you’re close enough, we’d love to have you.

And this Saturday we’re having a yard sale to get rid of all of the stuff we don’t need.  So we’ve been busy preparing for that.

And an update on J’s preschool situation…he is in a class!   I got the notice today.  Talk about a weight off my shoulders!  He’ll be going 3 days a week, so we’ll be going even more than we already are.  He’s already signed up for 2 sessions of swimming lessons and gymnastics this summer, so he’s a busy kid.  And C is taking one session of swimming lessons which means I need to locate a swim suit to wear.  YIKES!  That’s scary…


Apparently people are finding this blog by googling “potato caught on fire.”  Now, this normally wouldn’t be super hilarious but A) when you use that search term, this is the FIRST link to come up and B) it is the only site with the exact phrase.

Surely I am not the only person in the world who has had a potato catch fire in the microwave?  Granted, the microwave malfunctioned, but really…has this never happened to anyone else?

Well, now that I’m thinking this over, I’m probably not the only person this has happened to if people are googling that term.  I’m blogging for potato burners everywhere.  Or something.

So after the microwave fiasco, I am struck by just how clueless J was about fire safety.  I had to scream at him (literally, and I feel awful about that now) to get him out of the house.  He claims that he couldn’t hear me over the smoke detector, but I was down on his level and screaming (with obvious fear in my voice) for him to get out while holding the door open for him.  Maybe I scared him and he couldn’t move?  Maybe he really couldn’t hear me, even though *I* don’t remember the smoke detector going off until later in the whole ordeal, like after the fire was out?  Whatever the case, it’s painfully obvious that we really need to go over some fire safety and maybe have a fire drill or 2 at our house.  I’m looking for resources now, and hope I can find some good info and teaching points.  Maybe I’ll talk to our neighbor, since she teaches kids his age at a Montessori school.  I’m guessing she’ll have some good info.

While he didn’t get out right away, he did do a wonderful job of taking care of C while he was  outside.  I (being stupid) tried to put the fire out myself, so I had left them both outside in the carport without me.  J sat on a small box and held C while I was inside playing firefighter.  Probably not the best move under the circumstances, but I was in panic mode and just knew I had to get them out first.  It is scary stuff, and I hope I never have to go through it again.

This is what I’ve said over and over to D in the last 20 hours or so.

A few weeks ago, I noticed the microwave acting funny. I mentioned it and said we needed to think about getting a new one. And we started looking. We looked at over the range models and he kept saying he needed to measure and see if we had enough room. Over and over he said this when we went into a Lowe’s or Sears or anywhere they had them. Did he ever measure? No, he did not.

Yesterday afternoon, I wanted a snack. I had some super yummy (homemade!) stuffed baked potatoes in the freezer. I read the directions for reheating and popped it in the microwave and programmed it accordingly. This is where things went horribly, terribly wrong.

The potato caught on fire. For no reason. No aluminum foil, no metal, nothing that would cause it under normal circumstances. And the microwave caught fire. It was very scary!

Luckily we are all safe…I got the boys out right away and even though I breathed a lot of the smoke, I will most likely survive with nothing but the occasional nightmare. The house smells really bad, but I think it’s getting better…we’ve had the windows open and all of the fans going since yesterday. I got a new microwave last night.

And for the record, NO, we did not have enough room for an over the range model. Wish we’d known that weeks ago.

(Brett, if you read this, I really hope you didn’t want that microwave back…if you did, I’ll buy you a new one! Hopefully one that won’t explode!)

The first tooth finally broke through today.  He hasn’t complained much…he didn’t sleep well last night and crawled all over me for quite a while, but other than that we haven’t noticed much difference.

And his gum is really bulging on the other side, so I suspect we’ll see tooth #2 within a few days.  My baby is growing up!!!

I love FreeCycle. What a great way to get rid of stuff, find stuff you want, etc. But occasionally it’s ridiculous. I could write an entire blog about the ridiculous FreeCycle emails I get.

Today, for instance, I got this:

we moved into a house with out a disher i don’t know what to do Can
some help me!!!!! I need a dishwasher

Yes, that’s copy and paste job. Do you think *I* would type like that??? I can think of several responses.

I have one, but he’s busy doing dishes at my house. Could you bring your dishes over for him to wash?
No dishwasher, but I do have dish soap and a sponge I’d be happy to give you.
I wish I could help you, but I don’t understand what you’re asking for. Could you try English?

I mean really! First, if you’re going to be that stressed about a dishwasher that you lose all ability to type with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, why move into a house without one? And what’s wrong with washing them yourself? Baffling. Absolutely baffling.

Sigh. Ian is no longer on Dancing With the Stars. I knew he couldn’t win it, so I shouldn’t be sad, but I really wanted Joey to go. It’s not that I dislike him…I just don’t think he’s the one who should win.  I suppose I will survive the loss of Steve Sanders.

What I may not survive is the fact that Studio 60 will not be back next season.  I thought that was such a smart, funny show.  I knew it was unlikely, but I’m really sad now that they’ve announced for sure.

Another show I’ll miss is Jericho.  Sure, it was a scary thing to watch what our country could become in the wake of a nuclear disaster, but it was really interesting to watch how everything was playing out.  I guess we’ll never know what happens to little Jericho.

I guess I will have to comfort myself with the fact that Lost is on tonight.  And Greys’ Anatomy is on tomorrow night.  I really don’t watch as much TV as it seems…I DVR everything I’m interested in and then watch as I try to go to sleep at night.  Since I have major problems with insomnia, it’s a good way to wind down and occupy myself while I try to get sleepy.  With 2 kids, it’s really about the only way I can watch TV!  I love that DVR…seriously, how did we survive all those years without one???

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