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At least he loves school now…

Posted on: May 11, 2007

Poor J.  Next week is his last week of school.  (Not sure why they get out so early, but whatever!)  He is absolutely devastated.  He was a cranky little dude all day yesterday because his teacher told him they only had one more week.

All of this really solidifies my decision to try to get him into the year-round elementary school in town.  There is only one, and the kids are picked by lottery.  I think year-round schools are a much better concept.  Right now in a neighboring county there is all kinds of controversy going on because they *need* to go to year round schools due to a lack of space.  Parents are suing the school board over the plan, judges are saying it’s unconstitutional or some crap, and it’s a total mess.  I just don’t see the issue!  Granted I haven’t followed it that closely, but it seems to me that a lot of people are over-reacting.

If J goes to year round school, he’ll start in mid July.  Then they have 3 weeks off in September/October.  Three more weeks at Christmas.  Three more in March/April.  Then last day of school around early-mid June, so they get about 6 weeks off before the new school year.  I think this is perfect.  Not enough time to get bored with being away from school, families can plan vacations at different times during the year and take advantage of fewer crowds, cheaper rates, and more options, plus education is more of a continuum rather than being broken up into a verrrrrrrrrry long stretch of time with a long summer break.  I guess I just don’t see the problem there.  Maybe that’s because I’m a stay at home mom…perhaps there are daycare issues?  Though I’d think daycares would adapt just as everyone else did.  Adapting to changing needs is all part of running a business so again, I just don’t see the problem.

But enough of my unsolicited opinion on that subject!

I’m going out tonight.  With other women.  Without children.  I am so excited about getting away for a little bit.  In fact, I’m so excited by it that I feel like a complete dork.  But excited I am!


1 Response to "At least he loves school now…"

I work in a year round school and it rocks. At least from a grown-up perspective. The kids seem less stressed, the grown-ups seem less stressed, they don’t lose as much over their vacations, and the year has a much more rolling, gentle feel to it.

Sign up for the lotto. Totally worth it.


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