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Devastation and Sadness

Posted on: May 16, 2007

Sigh. Ian is no longer on Dancing With the Stars. I knew he couldn’t win it, so I shouldn’t be sad, but I really wanted Joey to go. It’s not that I dislike him…I just don’t think he’s the one who should win.  I suppose I will survive the loss of Steve Sanders.

What I may not survive is the fact that Studio 60 will not be back next season.  I thought that was such a smart, funny show.  I knew it was unlikely, but I’m really sad now that they’ve announced for sure.

Another show I’ll miss is Jericho.  Sure, it was a scary thing to watch what our country could become in the wake of a nuclear disaster, but it was really interesting to watch how everything was playing out.  I guess we’ll never know what happens to little Jericho.

I guess I will have to comfort myself with the fact that Lost is on tonight.  And Greys’ Anatomy is on tomorrow night.  I really don’t watch as much TV as it seems…I DVR everything I’m interested in and then watch as I try to go to sleep at night.  Since I have major problems with insomnia, it’s a good way to wind down and occupy myself while I try to get sleepy.  With 2 kids, it’s really about the only way I can watch TV!  I love that DVR…seriously, how did we survive all those years without one???


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