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My urologist visit did not go so well. I have, on the left side, 2 very large stones. Both are the size of the single one that caused me to need a c-section 2 weeks early last summer. Basically nearly 2 cm of stone in there. And then on the other side, I have several smaller pieces.

First of all, I have never had a stone on the right side. For me to now have small pieces on that side is very bad news. I could always count on my right kidney to behave and do what it is supposed to do quietly and without fuss. I loved my right kidney. Now, not so much.

Secondly, the large stones on the left require treatment. Not right now (thank goodness, b/c my urologist is out until the end of July…I saw a fill in today) but soon. That will be lithotripsy #3 on that side. The good news here is that right now I’m not in any pain. And won’t be, assuming they don’t fall into the ureter. The bad news is that they are close and I’m basically a ticking time bomb. And also that lithotripsy costs approximately $25k at our hospital. Yes, we have insurance and won’t pay nearly that much, but it’s still a lot of money that we don’t need to be spending. And technically *until* I’m in pain, litho is an elective procedure and they may not cover it, according to the doctor. WHAT?!?!?

I’m just *so* over all of this. I want to know what is causing them…apparently it can’t be *just* dehydration or inadequate fluid intake. If I was that chronically dehydrated, I’d have a LOT more problems than just kidney stones. I have a family history, but other than that there’s no obvious reason why I keep getting them. It’s frustrating and I wish we could figure out what is causing them.


Today is C’s first birthday. A year ago, at this very moment, I was in recovery and anxious to see my baby, trying so hard to move my feet so they would send me to my room and I could hold him.

His very first picture:


The time stamp on this is 8:50, and he was born at 8:49. So he’s about 1 minute old here. Those are D’s hands…I was over on the operating table, bawling my head off…I couldn’t believe he was finally here, after everything we went through it seemed like a miracle that he was not only alive, but seemingly healthy! Of course the next couple of days were slightly scary, but everything turned out OK and here we are a year later with no major problems.

I could go on and on, but I need to get in the shower and get ready for gymnastics. And at 2:00 I’m having an x-ray to check on my kidneys and see if there are any stones in there. Ironic, since a year ago today I had a huge one which was the reason for C’s early birth. So prayers would be good…I am not really wanting to have another lithotripsy. Not only is it expensive, but it’s not really fun. Except for the drugs. Those are fun.

I have a temp of 103, a sore throat, stiff neck, dizzy, aches and pains in every part of my body…I can’t remember the last time I felt this bad. What’s worse? I am supposed to be busting my tail to get this house ready for the people coming to visit next weekend. My mom, brother, and sister-in-law are joining us for C’s birthday party. And since we’ve not even completely unpacked, it was really important to spend this weekend working on everything. Hanging blinds, putting up curtains, cleaning and straightening the bedrooms, etc. Instead, I’ve mostly been laying on the couch praying for the pain to go away and the room to stop spinning. And for my body to somehow re-learn how to regulate temperature. I alternately must be covered with 50 million blankets or have a fan on me full blast. It’s hotter than heck in here right now (or it is to me, anyway) so I’ll stop whining there. But if you’re supposed to come to my house this weekend, I’m apologizing now for the mess.

Yes, I know there are people who read this who are totally freaked out by the mere mention of my boobs.  If that’s you, feel free to skip this one.

I have major fantasies of weaning C lately.  He’ll be 1 a week from tomorrow and I cannot express how thrilled I am that we made it this far and he’s not had any formula other than the few mL he had when we were still in the hospital.  In contrast to the disastrous breastfeeding situation I had with J, this is monumental for me.  But I am ready to have my body back.  To be able to wear my *good* bras.  To be able to roll over at night and say to D that it’s his turn to get C back to sleep.  To be able to drastically cut calories so I can lose some weight.  To be able to leave him for several hours without feeling guilty or being in pain.   To consider having another baby (yes, I know people can get pregnant while breastfeeding, but it appears that I’m probably not one of those) whether with or without the use of fertility drugs.

I know it’s all selfish.  I know that being a good mom means giving up being selfish a lot of the time.  D and I are the type of parents who sacrifice a LOT for our kids.  We know that they’ll only be little for a short time and we’ve decided that this time in our lives means that we don’t get what we want 95% of the time.  Actually, it means that our wants have evolved…and we’re OK with that.

I think a lot of it centers on the fact that we are co-sleeping with C.  He needs that closeness at night and we need our sleep, so it worked out best for all of us.  But I’m ready to have my bed back.  A little alone time with my husband.  Not having to worry about him crawling off the bed when I’m asleep. (Yes, it’s happened!)  Selfish, but there you have it.  If I could just get him in his own sleeping space, I think I could handle breastfeeding until *he* decides he’s done.  He is happy to eat anything you put on his plate or put in his mouth, so I think he would probably wean on his own within another year.  And I’d really like to get him through this winter without having to worry too much about germs and viruses.  He’s been *so* healthy and I truly believe it’s due to breastfeeding.  J brings home every bug coming and going, usually giving it to D and I too, but C has always escaped with very minor symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Hmmmmmm…what was the point I was trying to make?  I’m not sure I even know anymore.  I want to wean, but I don’t.  I want him to have what he needs at night, but I want him to have it in his own space.  I want to be a good mom, but I have selfish desires.  The dichotomy is something I’m really struggling with.  It’s frustrating and has led to a lot of angst on my part.  I think ultimately I’m going to try to nightwean AND get him to sleep in his own space.  Either his crib or the queen bed in his room.  I’m not entirely sure *how* to do that, but I think that’s the best plan with the least trauma involved for all of us.  I hope.

And if you read all of that rambling, you get a picture of me breastfeeding him at Tweetsie Railroad before Thomas took to the open rails last weekend.  I didn’t even know D took this until later, but I love how happy I look.  (Don’t worry…nothing’s showing!)

Now they’re reimbursing postage.  I’ve called our ped and am waiting for them to call me back and let me know whether C needs testing for lead poisoning.

Ahhhhhh…just got the call back!  Lead testing is standard at one year, and since he’s already scheduled for his 1 year appt they’ll just do it then.  They asked about J, but I am not concerned…he hasn’t put toys in his mouth in a loooooooooooong time.

This whole situation is so infuriating.  It didn’t need to happen and could have been prevented.

…but that’s nothing compared to how I feel now.

I got an email from a friend (thanks, E!) about 3 hours ago telling me that many of Thomas’ little friends were being recalled because they contain lead paint. This is freaking fabulous…every time C can break away, he heads into J’s room and snags a train to chew on. I am absolutely livid.

We own over 50% of the items that have been recalled. And I am expected to ship them back to the company on *my* dime and wait 6-8 weeks for them to be replaced. And keep a 4 year old from flipping out when I take away a bunch of his favorite toys. And pay for the lead testing for my kids since they’ve had these toys in their mouths. I’m friggin’ furious.

I finally got through on the number they provided in the recall info and was told that they’re offering a free train to make up for the trouble. Yes, because giving us a free train (when we already have over 75% of them) makes up for the expense of postage, the lead testing, and the stress of all of this.

If you need more info, check this link:

I’m off to take something for the blinding headache I currently have.

UPDATE: I went and got James out of J’s room (all of the other ones that have to be returned are still packed away from the move) and he had a complete and total meltdown.  Tears streaming down his face, just absolutely heart breaking.  I’d like to kick the person responsible for this in a very sensitive area.  I’m not a violent person, but I cannot stand to see my babies hurting like that.  And the best part?  The paint is all chipped and I’m now 99% sure that’s the one C always goes for when he manages to get his hands on a train.  Fabulous.  Guess I’ll be calling the pediatrician tomorrow to see just how worried I should be.

We took J to ride Thomas the Tank Engine at Tweetsie Railroad this weekend. It was exhausting! We did some furniture shopping both on the way there and the way back. Didn’t buy anything but I’ve picked out some things. I’ve picked out bedroom furniture (the Thomasville Bridges 2.0 collection) but I need to find a local dealer of Wesley Allen iron beds to pick out a headboard. I need to go to the Thomasville outlet in Thomasville and see what they have from this collection and figure out how much we can save.

And if you need upholstered furniture, the Broyhill outlet, just north of Hickory, has some great deals. We didn’t pick anything out, but it worked out to about $1500 to get a sleeper sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. And that included shipping! (We’re close, though…shipping would be higher to other places.) We’ll be going back there occasionally to see if they have anything new that we really like. We need so much — bedroom furniture, living room upholstered furniture, a table for our foyer, a china cabinet or sideboard for the dining room, and possibly a chair and a half or futon for the kids’ play area. We’ve gotten rid of a lot of the old stuff we had and now need to replace it.

As for Thomas, J really enjoyed himself. I have pictures, but no editing software on this computer so who knows when I’ll share them…hopefully I can find my copy of Photoshop and install it soon. We met up with some college friends there and finally met their little boy (who is 2 years old…it’s been a while!) and all of the kids had a blast.

But I am so glad to be home…now I need to start working on getting the house in shape for all of our company coming in for C’s birthday!  I still haven’t made much in the way of plans so I need to get crackin’!

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