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Who ARE you people???

Posted on: June 1, 2007

I notice this blog has had over 2800 hits.  And I’m just wondering who in the heck is reading!  So leave a comment, would ya?  I feel like I’m all on display here and have no idea who my audience is…it’s a little creepy.  So make me feel better and tell me who you are and a little bit about yourself.  Heck, give me a link to your blog and I’ll add you to my blogroll if you want me to.  Just let me know who’s out there, OK?

And in other news, it’s yard sale chaos here.  I’ll be glad when it’s over…I just hope everything sells!


2 Responses to "Who ARE you people???"

Hi! I think I commented once on Preschool Irritation? I’m a SAHM of 2 from Southern CA. I don’t have a blog yet. I’ve been online looking for other moms who are considering homeschooling and somehow ran into yours through another persons. Since then I’ve been reading on and off.

Since I’m on a roll…I’m glad it worked out with the preschool. I have many reasons why I’m considering homeschooling and dealing with school politics is just one. We are doing a “trial run” over the summer and then will make a decision before school would start up again. My son is 4 and would be going into Pre-K and my daughter is 28 months. More than anything I’m worried about having burn out. But then again my husband did promise me a bi-monthly housekeeper if I decide this is what I want to do. So…we’ll see. This is getting long so I’ll sign off now.

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W Family Players

D is the dad, the husband, and the breadwinner. All around nice guy and good at pretty much everything he does. It's disgusting, really. But makes him worth keeping around.

M is the mom, the wife, and the hopeless housekeeper. At least the kids' heads haven't fallen off yet. Beyond that, she sucks at the "stay at home" thing. Oh, and she's the blogger.

J is the big boy. Born October 11 2002, he is in kindergarten and loves it. Now 6 years old, and too smart for his own good. Talks a lot but extremely entertaining.

C is the little boy. Born June 26, 2006, he went through a lot in his first year but is doing just fine now. The only blond in the family, so his paternity is routinely questioned by rude strangers.

V is our baby girl. She is brand new and arrived in January 2009. So far everything is going well. We're thrilled to have added the final piece to our family puzzle. And yes, she WILL be the final piece!


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