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I hate Myrtle Beach.

Posted on: July 25, 2007

Way too many people in a too small area.  We spent a few days there with the ILs and I’m so glad to be home.  I’m looking forward to going to Topsail in September…that beach is MUCH more my speed!  There are very few people on the south end of the island and it’s very quiet.  Plus we’re going after school starts back for most people, so I expect it will be pretty deserted.

One thing I do like about MB is the fact that so many places have all you can eat crab legs on these HUGE buffets with all kinds of seafood.  I LOVE seafood, and AYCE crab legs is a little touch of heaven.  I made myself sick Monday night…if you are down there and have a chance to go, check out Original Benjamin’s.  Seafare is also good, but their buffet doesn’t have as much variety.

I somehow hurt my wrist while we were down there and I am in so much pain.  I’m sure it’s just a sprain, but the swelling and bruising look pretty bad.  I can barely pick C up and between the wrist and the back pain (I hurt it last week trying to move the water table while it had water in it) I’m having a hard time being home alone with the kids after all the help I had while we were down there.  Throw in a puking J, and it’s been a *really* fun day at the W house.


5 Responses to "I hate Myrtle Beach."

[…] where D’s parents are staying in a condo for the week.  I begged off (as we all know of my hatred for MB) and made plans to do some Christmas shopping with a friend.  We were contemplating a trip to […]

I know this is an old post, but I just returned from Myrtle beach on Friday and I too hated it!! I don’t get why so many people seem to love it.

It was my first and last time going there. On a positive note, my little boys loved it.

I just got back today from spending a couple of days there and was not impressed. I cannot figure out why so many people like it. Did I miss something in the city?

I live here and I’m sooooooo ready to move. I hate it here.

I lived in Myrtle Beach (aka Myrtle Vegas) for ten long years of my life. Im happy to say I moved away two mouths ago and don’t miss it at all. I feel sorry for the people that go there for vacation. If you truly think about MB really has nothing there. The beaches are dirty. The clubs and bars are very unsafe. There is really not much to do. If you like to eat and party. That is the place to go. Other then that, It’s a rat hole……:(

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