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Yay!  Dr. E said it came out pretty easily.  It was big though…I got to see both it AND a picture of it and that sucker was not pretty.  Definitely in the top 3 of the 20 or so stones I’ve passed without lithotripsy.  Technically, though, I didn’t pass this one.  Regardless, it was big and described as “extremely jagged.”  So I guess that’s why it got stuck.

I’m still feeling pretty loopy, but in relatively no pain which is good.  As long as I keep on top of the pain with drugs, I shouldn’t feel too bad.  D has been a great help…he took the boys out for most of the afternoon and didn’t bring them back until it was almost time for me to be able to nurse C.  He wasn’t very interested when I offered which is good…I think my weaning efforts are starting to work, but it broke my heart a little to be rejected when it had been so long since he last nursed.  And being on drugs didn’t help the emotionalness (is that a word?) of it, either.

A little while ago, I was telling D I wanted a snack and apparently I was being very careful to try to speak clearly and enunciate well.  He looked over at me and says “Just how drunk ARE you, anyway?”  So I guess it’s obvious how drugged I am, even though I’m trying pretty hard to appear sober.  I’m just worried that J will go talk to his teacher about it tomorrow!  That would be bad.  The neighbors did get a kick out of me being high, though.  I’m glad I could be the bright spot in someone’s day, LOL!


Looks like the stone hasn’t passed…or if it has, I missed it.  So unless something changes between now and 9:15 tomorrow morning, surgery is on for Tuesday.  Not how I wanted to spend the week before our beach vacation, but I guess there are worse things.  Luckily the recovery is pretty easy and I’ll be feeling much better by the time we leave!

And now off to watch C “dance.”  Every time he hears music, he starts to turn in circles with a little bounce.  So cute!  He’s now officially a toddler…way more walking than crawling these days.  My baby is growing up so fast!

So say a prayer, huh?  I’m not passing this stone and they are going to go in after it if it’s still there Monday.  Since I’m not exactly interested in having surgery the week before we go to the beach, it would be nice if I passed this thing before then.

So if you haven’t been under a rock, you know a lot of the country is having a heat wave.  It’s August, so it’s a given here.  Yesterday was awful, though!  It hit the highest temperature EVER recorded in Raleigh.  And it was even hotter here in our little town.  At one point, my little ForecastFox bar told me it was 106.  With the heat index, it was well over 110.  After gymnastics (which is NOT in an air conditioned building, by the way!) C, J, and I all came back to the house and barricaded ourselves in with the hope that it might cool down enough to go outside later.  It was still over 100 at 6:00.  About that time we started getting a lot of wind…apparently there was a big storm system, but the rain missed us almost completely.  We only got a little bit which is too bad…our grass is turning brown and I cannot justify the expense or wastefulness of watering it.  Over the last week, our highs have been insane…the lowest was 94, and all of the rest were 99+.  I’ll be glad when it cools down a little bit!

J’s first day of school was Monday and he enjoyed it!  He said he learned to clean up.  Fabulous…hope he puts it to good use at home.  So far he hasn’t, but I have high hopes.  Here’s a picture of him on his first day.  Don’t know why it’s fuzzy…I’m just glad I remembered the camera this year!  He looks so grown up to me.


D is in New Orleans.  I am super jealous.  Last night was hard…I couldn’t sleep, though I had no trouble getting the boys to bed.  The boys and I had fun, though.  I suspect tonight will be more difficult and by Thursday (which is when he returns) we’ll all be wishing he was home!

I know I’ve been whining a lot lately.  It’s boring and annoying and I’m sick of it myself.  So today, only good news!

C is officially walking.  He had been taking steps on his own, but was mostly content to crawl.  Well, last week that all changed!  He is now walking probably 90% of the time and is so very proud of himself.  He’s also doing really well with learning not only words, but signs as well.  He is such a monkey…he will climb anything.  I have found him on top of the kitchen table several times and he can climb out of his crib…not that it matters since he doesn’t sleep in there anyway!  He is still sleeping with us, though he does frequently nap in his own room on a queen size mattress on the floor.  I can usually get him to go to sleep for at least the first part of the night in there, too.  D and I are enjoying having our space back, even if it’s only for a few hours.

J starts his 2nd year of preschool tomorrow.  He’ll be going 3 days a week this year.  It’s only 3 hours each morning, but we’ve decided to  enroll him in the “lunch bunch” one day a week, so he’ll get an extra hour on those days.  He loves board games and can beat both D and I at pretty much any game he can play.  We bought Monopoly Jr last week and we’ve all had fun playing it together.  He is writing very well…I often get asked to spell things so he can write them down and make “letters” for people.  Some of you may have gotten these little notes in the mail or by fax.  I hope you enjoy them as much as he enjoys writing them.

D is doing well at work.  His 2 projects were canceled, but 1 may be coming back.  He’s going to be doing more traveling, starting this week.  He’ll be in New Orleans for a few days and I am SO jealous.  I haven’t been there since May 2001, before getting pregnant with J.  It’s one of my favorite places, but New Orleans isn’t the most child friendly spot so we haven’t been back for several years.  His blood pressure appears to be down to a normal and safe level.  He’s been watching his diet and trying to exercise and it seems to be working.  He’s also lost some weight and looks really good.

As for me, we discussed me going back to work last night.  Ultimately we decided that the best thing for me to do was to go back to school and pursue a career in healthcare.  I started out in college as a nursing major but ultimately switched to marketing.  Looking back, that was probably not the best move but I had decided that nursing was not for me.   I’ve changed my mind again, though, and feel that ultimately that’s where my heart is.  So after we have baby #3 (yes, we have a timeline for that, and no, we’re not sharing) and s/he is in preschool, I’ll start taking some classes.  It’s a long way down the road, but it feels good to have a plan in place.  It would be difficult for me to just jump back into the world of work after so many years away, anyway.  With a new degree, it will be much easier to find a job that interests me and that pays well.  So I’m excited that I at least have a plan for life after babies…I love being a mom but sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not doing enough.  And once all of my kids are in school, I know I’m going to need something to occupy me.

So there’s some good news!  Things in general are really good here at the W house, and for that we are all very thankful. 🙂

My whole life seems to revolve around kidney stones these days.  I am completely exhausted because I’m not sleeping well, even with narcotics.  The pain makes me want to throw myself off a cliff at times.  I only leave the house when absolutely necessary because it is miserably hot and because I cannot take the drugs when I need to drive.  And I can’t really take them when I’m home alone with the kids, either.  I worry about C getting too much through my breastmilk, though the doctors all tell me it’s not a problem unless I’m taking them at addictive levels.  I’m not, so I guess it’s fine but I still feel like I’m drugging the poor kid.  I’ve tried to cut down on nursing in preparation for weaning if necessary, but it’s been hard on all of us.

I am at the point that I really, really hope that hyperparathyroidism is the answer, simply because the treatment is so clear cut and improvement is practically immediate after the surgery.  What kind of fruitcake hopes they have some crazy, rare illness?   I guess when you get to the point I’m at, hoping for a diagnosis is normal.  And this diagnosis is really as easy as it gets for treatment.  But if it’s not the answer, I just don’t know where we go from here.  And that scares me, because I cannot take the constant pain any more.  Not to mention the fear that this is ruining my kidneys (not an unfounded fear, according to the urologist) and that it does not bode well for my future health if it continues to happen.

I’m not sure what I’m really trying to say, other than just a major whine-fest.  But if you could spare the time, I’d really appreciate your prayers and good thoughts about all of this.  I really, really need for all of this to be over.

I’m home from my trip to Knoxville.  It was a nice few days, but I’m glad to be back.  I still haven’t passed that stone unless I missed it somehow.  Plus I’m still feeling some pain, so it’s probably stuck.  That likely means he’ll have to scope it out…and D is going to be out of town when that is going to have to happen.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage that one.

I’ve done some more research on the hyperparathyroidism stuff and it certainly sounds like it’s the most likely culprit.  I was reading the list of symptoms and nodding my head to almost every one of them.  I made D come in and read it, too, and he was also nodding his head.  I’ve been having headaches, nausea, major sleeping issues, problems concentrating, general yucky feelings, random pains, etc for a long while and they’ve been getting progressively worse over the last several months.  How weird is it that I am now *praying* this is the answer?  It seems like the most likely, and it is so easy to fix that I really hope we’ve hit on the cause.  If this is hyperparathyroidism, my quality of life would improve vastly with this little surgery!  Now we just need to confirm it as the cause and get moving with treatment.  And in the meantime, figure out how I am going to wean this baby so I *can* get treated.

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