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We’re still here…

Posted on: October 1, 2007

I don’t know how many times a day I think “I should blog about that!” and then it doesn’t happen. I’m still in a funk and I can’t pull myself out of it. I’m just trying to spend as much time as possible off the computer, but that’s not really helping. *sigh*

One thing that has become a real problem for us lately is that J has started lying. He lied to the Occupational Therapist last week and told her he likes pizza. Totally not true. Last time we went to a pizza buffet he threw such a fit that we left without finishing our lunch. We haven’t been back since, and since D and I love pizza it’s been something we’ve been wanting for a while. So to help him understand why we don’t lie, we took him to the pizza buffet and he had to eat pizza. NOT a good trip. Luckily there were very few people there and we had the area we were sitting in all to ourselves. Then today when I picked him up from school, I asked him how much of his lunch got eaten. He told me that he ate it all. When I got home, he hadn’t eaten but a couple of bites from his applesauce, and a couple of crackers. This has been an ongoing problem — we put together a lunch of things he’ll eat (with his input each time) and make sure it’s 99% nutritious, and then he doesn’t eat it. Frustrating! So, again, he had to face the consequences. (We don’t “punish” much…generally all of his negative actions have a natural “consequence” and he has to face the “consequences” of his actions.) I am making him sit at the table until he finishes it. It has been an hour now and he’s still sitting there and moping about having to eat it all. To be fair, D packed him a HUGE lunch today (crackers, applesauce, grapes, raisins, carrots, and chocolate milk) so typically I would be fine if he only ate 2-3 things. But the fact that he lied and told me he ate it ALL when he only had a few bites of 2 things…well, it made me see red. And it didn’t help that he put the applesauce back in there and it dumped all over everything so the inside of his (reusable) lunchbag was a sticky mess. I feel like the mean mom, but I don’t know what else to do…any suggestions?

And in keeping with the “discipline for J” theme, I made him throw away one of his toys a couple of weeks ago. Yep, I am *that* mom. It was a small (inside) wagon that my in-laws had picked up at a garage sale. It is a toy I’ve hated since I first saw it…he runs at top speed through the house pushing it in front of him. I lost count of how many times he had it put up because he knocked C over with it, ran over D’s or my foot, broke something, messed up the wall or furniture, or any number of things (or people) he broke/messed up/hurt with it. So he’d gotten it back *yet again* and made bad choices in the way he played with it. This time he knocked C over and really hurt him with it. So I told J that he had run out of chances with this particular toy and that we would now throw it away. I felt AWFUL after I said it, but I knew I couldn’t go back…he really had been given so many chances with this toy that it was ridiculous. D came home while I was still trying to tend to C and his booboo, so I explained to him what happened. He didn’t say anything and I thought he was mad that I made him throw away a toy that D’s parents had given him. Shortly after, we were in the car going somewhere and I asked him if he thought I made a bad decision in making J throw it away. He gives me this sheepish look and says he’s glad I was the one who did it and not him! He can be SUCH a pansy sometimes. He says he knew it was going to have to happen eventually and he’s glad it was me and not him home when the proverbial camel’s back broke. So here I am feeling bad and he thinks it’s funny! This parenting stuff is definitely the hardest job I’ve ever done.


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Yes Melissa, parenting will be the hardest job you will ever have or had! Telling lies is just one of the hurdles you have to go through. Just keep up with discipline (however you wish to do it) and be very consistent. Hurry up and get out of the funk cause I miss the updates.

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