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Current Events…the writer’s strike.

Posted on: November 7, 2007

Here’s a little confession…I love TV. Now that we have one, I DVR everything I think I might like starting at the beginning of each season and though there are the inevitable drop outs from either cancellation or me deciding I’m no longer interested, I usually add several new shows to my “season pass.” I LOVE TV. And none of that reality crap (except for Biggest Loser…and Dancing with the Stars during the summer) either. I like *scripted* TV shows, comedy, drama, whatever. I never get a chance to watch it while it’s on, so the DVR gives me the chance to watch it after the kids are asleep and I actually have a chance of *hearing* the dialog. It’s stupid, but it’s my little escape from the life of mom-hood that occasionally gets me down.

For those unfamiliar, Variety has several good articles detailing the issues here. And they have a strike blog also. Despite the fact that I’m a liberal, I generally do not like unions. Perhaps that is because I have a husband who is in manufacturing and I believe that unions have helped to drive production away from the US. He’s never worked in a plant with a union because there just aren’t that many here in the south and typically he works for smaller, family owned businesses, but we’ve seen what it does to companies from the sidelines. It’s a problem that has led to many companies shipping their production across the border and overseas so that they get their labor cheaper and don’t have to deal with unions. Shipping production out of the US hurts us all (China, toys, lead paint, ring a bell?) and while we can’t blame unions for 100% of that, I do believe they had a hand in it. (Though I will wholeheartedly agree that “back in the day” unions were absolutely necessary so that people could have decent working conditions!)

But this time, I’m firmly on the side of the WGA. The internet, DVDs, portable media…they’ve all changed the landscape of entertainment. I occasionally watch a show online if my DVR malfunctioned or something. If I had an iPod (hint, hint!) I could totally see taking my favorite shows with me to watch at my convenience while waiting in a Dr’s office or on a long car ride. I haven’t purchased any DVDs of TV series, but I’ve rented quite a few to catch up on seasons of shows that I missed because I initally missed the buzz. Before we had a DVR, I didn’t watch much TV because I missed so much trying to keep up with life that it seemed pointless. So I missed the 1st season of Lost, and the first 2 of Grey’s Anatomy. LOVE these shows now, and am grateful that I could catch up via DVD. And the writers should get residuals from these types of media. Period. Though many of these writers are well paid, a lot of them are not. Think those from cable TV shows and those lesser known “cult” type hits. As I see it, this is for them.

So even though I’m worried that my TV shows are going to go away once the scripts run out, I’m supporting the WGA. I believe the day is coming when broadcast TV will be less important to these writers and I can’t blame them for trying to plan for that contingency. So “pencils down” and stay strong, guys. I get it.


2 Responses to "Current Events…the writer’s strike."

I hadn’t heard about the WGA strike until I read your blog. WOW! You really explained it all so well. Thank you for the links, too. The internet and DVDs really have changed how I watch shows! I agree…they need to stay strong! I’m behind them, too!!! Thank you so much for bringing all of this to my attention! Then, just today I was just looking at a few sites, and I see other people now are speaking about the WGA strike ( like here although you were first!!!
Keep up the good work!!

I’m definitely not the first, but I think it has failed to hit the radar of a lot of people just yet. I “know” someone (via the internet) who writes for Desperate Housewives so I’ve been hearing about this for a little while. I’m sure nobody who matters (in regards to the strike!) will ever see this blog, so I don’t know why I felt compelled to write this entry, but it seemed important in some way. I found a great video at Watch With Kristin that I’m putting in a separate post…it’s a great simplification of what the WGA is asking for in these negotiations.

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