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Writer’s Strike…how YOU can help!

Posted on: December 6, 2007

This was passed on to me by my writer friend…I did it just a minute ago and it was super quick and easy. If you’re starting to miss your shows, it’s *something* you can do to support the writers and get everyone in Hollywood back to work. I know the situation must be getting dire for a lot of people.


READ this. CALL them. And then please forward this email to anyone and everyone you can… it’s already making a difference.

SC-JOHNSON-GLADE advertising executives and company lawyers are holding a emergency meeting Friday December 7th to debate pulling their network television spots due direct pressure from the thousands television fans who have called and expressed their EXTREME RELUCTANCE to buy their products until the writers of their favorite shows receive a fair contract.

If SC Johnson Glade pulls their ads and asks for their money back, their competitors will likely follow suit. And the sooner the advertisers demand their money back from the networks, the sooner this strike will end!

Let’s make sure that SCJ GLADE feels the heat this week. Please distribute this email to your fans, friends, family, and anyone who watches network television, cares about writers, hates reruns, and despises corporate greed.


CALL SC JOHNSON GLADE at 1- 800-494-4855

PRESS “6” to skip the menu and go straight to a customer service representative.

My name is ________________. I am a consumer calling to tell you
that I support the TV writers in their ongoing dispute with the
television networks. I regret to to inform you that I am no longer
comfortable using, buying, or recommending SC Johnson Glade products
due to your company’s continued financial support of the networks by
paying them for television ad time. Thank you.

After you say this, the customer service rep will ask for your full name and address. If you don’t wish to give them your address, just say that you’d rather not give your full address and offer to give your zip code instead.


The call is free and will only take two minutes of your time. We already know it is making a difference.

Once you’ve called, please forward this email to anyone and everyone you know who watches television or movies. The strike is hurting everyone. Writers. Actors. Crew Members. Everyone who lives and works in or near Hollywood. Help all of them have a Happy Holiday Season. The strike needs to end. Please help. Make the call.

Thank You.


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