The W Family Chronicles

Coming to you live from the House of Germs.

Posted on: December 7, 2007

Snot, vomit, and lots of other yucky things abound at the W house.  C had croup (my first experience with it…luckily it cleared up fast…yay breastfeeding!) and J has missed school every day this week except today.  I finally took him today because he seemed so heartbroken about missing again.  I know he’s no longer contagious, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.  But his cough sounds terrible.  When I dropped him off, it seemed like there were a LOT of kids out sick so it’s obviously making the rounds.

We had freezing rain last night!  Super early in the year for it.  There have been predictions that we’ll have a hard winter this year.   Jackson will probably enjoy that…I’m a bit more worried about the potential for power outages in this old neighborhood with above ground utilities.

D and J are heading to Myrtle Beach this weekend where D’s parents are staying in a condo for the week.  I begged off (as we all know of my hatred for MB) and made plans to do some Christmas shopping with a friend.  We were contemplating a trip to South Park Mall in Charlotte, but there was a tragic accident there yesterday when a woman (apparently) died at the wheel of her car and crashed in the parking deck which caused a collapse of the structure.  Scary!  I think we’ll stick to South Point in Durham instead.  We can live without Neiman Marcus, which is about the only thing we don’t have access to here.  I’ve parked in that very deck multiple times and it’s scary to think that all it took was someone losing control of their vehicle and hitting a wall on the top level for this to happen.  Yikes!

Our internet connection has been terrible lately…I think it’s about time for me to call Alltel and demand they get someone out here to fix it.  Just a couple of weeks ago our phone line was screwed up and they had to replace some of the neighborhood wiring.  I’m guessing it’s connected, but it’s highly annoying to constantly have so much trouble with our phone and DSL. Again, old neighborhood, old wiring, blah, blah, blah.  I think they should just run new wiring for the phone and electricity and put it all underground!  I don’t want much, do I?


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W Family Players

D is the dad, the husband, and the breadwinner. All around nice guy and good at pretty much everything he does. It's disgusting, really. But makes him worth keeping around.

M is the mom, the wife, and the hopeless housekeeper. At least the kids' heads haven't fallen off yet. Beyond that, she sucks at the "stay at home" thing. Oh, and she's the blogger.

J is the big boy. Born October 11 2002, he is in kindergarten and loves it. Now 6 years old, and too smart for his own good. Talks a lot but extremely entertaining.

C is the little boy. Born June 26, 2006, he went through a lot in his first year but is doing just fine now. The only blond in the family, so his paternity is routinely questioned by rude strangers.

V is our baby girl. She is brand new and arrived in January 2009. So far everything is going well. We're thrilled to have added the final piece to our family puzzle. And yes, she WILL be the final piece!


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