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Look what I got for Easter!

Posted on: March 24, 2008


Yes, it’s a closet. To be more specific, it’s *my* closet. And until yesterday, it was a dark, ugly useless space. It is only 48 inches wide. It was painted peach (of all colors!) and I had just one high bar with a shelf above it. Didn’t even come close to holding my stuff. D added 12 inches of shelves, 12 inches of a high bar for dresses and pants, and 24 inches of double bars for shirts, shorts, etc. I finally have enough room! I haven’t gotten all of my clothes in there yet, but I’m well on my way. After I took this pic, I hung up a bunch more, got rid of some things, and still have tons of room. It’s made a huge difference in our room, too, since I was using the blanket chest as a closet. Everything clean got piled on top of it and I just picked my clothes from the pile. Now we can get into the blanket chest and I can store some of my fragile Christmas stuff in there and get those boxes out of the living room. This is going to make an impact on the entire house. How lame am I???

Oh, and I also had a kidney stone, though that didn’t happen until this AM. I’ve had a little twinge now and then and suspected I had one, but didn’t really say anything to anybody. They just tell me to go see the urologist and nag me mercilessly until I cave and make an appointment. (You know who you are!) Since there wasn’t any real pain, I wanted to see what would happen. My symptoms were increasing and I thought I might actually have a UTI instead, but a home test for that was negative. So I decided to wait it out and see where it went. And this morning, there it was. It was a good size and it looks like the composition is a little different than in the past. So I guess I’ll be trotting off to see Dr. E anyway so they can analyze it. But I am really thrilled about the fact that I passed it with very little pain and best of all, no pain meds necessary or x-rays. I am really getting worried about the effect the x-rays may be having. Surely it’s not good to have them so frequently??? (Can anyone weigh in on that? It’s something I’ve been really worried about but can’t find any research one way or the other.)


1 Response to "Look what I got for Easter!"

Closet looks great! Maybe I need you to help with mine. It’s full of mostly stuff I need to get rid of and looks like a mess.

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