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Fever finally broke Saturday, so he seems to be on the mend, finally.  I, however, apparently have pink eye or some other nasty eye problem.  It hurts really bad and I’m just glad I already had a Dr’s appt scheduled today for something unrelated.  It’s one thing after another here at the W House of Germs.


J is sick.  Again.  He’s on day 5 of a fever and the doctors are stumped.  CBC, chest x-rays, urine, strep test and more all look good.  It appears viral, but viruses don’t usually stick around so long.  So if you’ve got a few minutes, say a prayer that this goes away and FAST.  We are so worried and scared that there’s more going on and something important is not being diagnosed.

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I have tons of pictures to edit and post. Mostly of J, but some of C as well. I’m hoping I can get to that this weekend. I had something else I wanted to say, but of course I now can’t remember for the life of me. Oh well — a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! My wish for you is that you get to spend some time doing something YOU want to do this weekend. As for me, I plan to get a long overdue and desperately needed brow wax and a pedicure.

Oh, and because I’ve already gotten one email about it, the severe weather did not affect us. We’re south and east of where the tornadoes were and except for some minor thunderstorms (which didn’t even wake me up) we had no severe weather here. It all went to the north of us, so everything is fine here!

Both boys are on the mend. J is almost at 100% and C is quickly reaching that point. So thankful for modern medicine! As traumatic as those shots were, they’ve really worked fast for both of them. Thanks for all the good thoughts and the get well cards (and gifts!) we’ve gotten! They’ve really enjoyed seeing the mail the past couple of days. We’re all feeling quite blessed tonight.

But both kids have it. Go figure. I am so wiped out at this point that I can’t even muster up the energy to talk about it. But if you have the time and inclination, we could use prayers here.

Seven years ago today, we lost my dad to lung cancer. I don’t know what to say, so I’ll just steal last year’s post and share this picture. It’s a terrible scan, but it makes me smile anyway. It’s one of the last we have, as he died less than a month after I got married. I just wish he’d been here to meet my boys.

W Family Players

D is the dad, the husband, and the breadwinner. All around nice guy and good at pretty much everything he does. It's disgusting, really. But makes him worth keeping around.

M is the mom, the wife, and the hopeless housekeeper. At least the kids' heads haven't fallen off yet. Beyond that, she sucks at the "stay at home" thing. Oh, and she's the blogger.

J is the big boy. Born October 11 2002, he is in kindergarten and loves it. Now 6 years old, and too smart for his own good. Talks a lot but extremely entertaining.

C is the little boy. Born June 26, 2006, he went through a lot in his first year but is doing just fine now. The only blond in the family, so his paternity is routinely questioned by rude strangers.

V is our baby girl. She is brand new and arrived in January 2009. So far everything is going well. We're thrilled to have added the final piece to our family puzzle. And yes, she WILL be the final piece!