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There’s not much going on at the W house.  We’re plugging along and surviving the best we can.  J is on his first intersession.  These 3 week breaks are nice, but it’s breaking his heart to be out of school!  Luckily the 1st week went fairly well and we have a lot planned to get through the next 2, including some birthday celebrations!  He’ll be 6 on October 11.  (How is that possible?!?!?!)

I have been looking for a job and have had some interviews.  I’m also mapping out a plan for me to return to school and get my associate’s degree in nursing.  I changed my major from nursing to marketing all those years ago, but find myself regretting that more and more.  As I’ve gotten older, had kids, and delat with some sincerely disgusting things I’ve realized I *could* handle it.  So I’ve decided to make that move and start working (slowly) towards that degree.  I plan to stretch it out as much as I can so I can be here for C and V before they start school full time, but hope to start working about the time V is 4 or 5.

Everything is going well with the pregnancy.  She appears to be very strong!  I feel her kicking really hard already.  I have an appointment Tuesday and have lots of questions to ask about the location of my placenta.  Apparently, it may cause complications if it stays where it is so I’m a little bit worried.  They did not act at all concerned but you know me…I start googling and asking questions of other people and suddenly there’s something to worry about.  Hopefully the worry is unnecessary!

As for the rest of the troops, they’re fine.  I haven’t had my camera out in forever but will try to get some new pictures posted soon!


Our original list of 5 got tossed because D vetoed all but 1 (Aislinn) and I ended up vetoing that one.  So we had to start from scratch.  We both gravitated towards the classic names that are not typically heard a lot these days…flowers, “charms and graces,” and the like.  We finally narrowed our list way down and came out with only one that the 3 of us (Yes, J was included…he named his little brother so we thought it only fair to have input on his baby sister as well!) liked.

We’ll be welcoming Violet Katherine W. in January.  Violet just because we like it, and Katherine because there is a family history.

We know everyone has an opinion.  We’ve heard the good, the bad, and the ugly already.  We also know that our friends and family will love her no matter what her name is. 😉

D is still pounding the pavement looking for work.  Needless to say, our savings is dwindling quickly and we’re reaching a low point.  If you can, please pray that something comes through soon.  He has a lot of irons in the fire that could turn out to be the big thing that gets us back on our feet, but right now that’s all they are…possibilities.  It does look like he may be picking up some remodeling work for some friends so that’s good.  One way or another, we’ve got to get some income flowing again.

And I have just started looking for a job.  Something part time that won’t require a lot of standing.  Unfortunately that pretty much eliminates retail which is going to be the hot place to be as the holidays start to roll around.  That would be ideal since a seasonal position wouldn’t expect me to stay on past mid January or so.  With the baby being due in late January that would give me a chance to leave gracefully.  I haven’t discounted the idea completely, but for now I’m hoping to find a part time receptionist type position.  Something that would allow me to continue working after the baby arrives if I need to do that.  It’s a little scary to be putting resumes out there when I haven’t worked in over 6 years!

J is doing very well at school.  I am now volunteering in his classroom one morning a week and getting to see how he’s doing firsthand, as well as getting a peek at how the teacher and the aide handle things.  Not that I didn’t trust them, but it’s nice to be able to see their interactions with the class and get a better understanding of how things work there.  I also just had my first parent-teacher conference and he will be receiving all Es (Excellent) in academics and all Ss (Satisfactory, which is the highest grade possible) in behavior for the first term.  We couldn’t ask for more!

C is a typical 2 year old.  He’s very sweet 90% of the time.  The other 10% he enjoys tormenting his big brother or his daddy.  Luckily I escape most of that!  He still loves to snuggle at night and generally joins us in our bed in the wee hours.  He’s going to have a big adjustment when his little sister arrives.  We’re doing our best to prepare him but at 2 years old he doesn’t understand much.  He does enjoy talking to my belly and giving the baby “tisses” (kisses) but obviously has no clue that his world will be turned upside down in about 4 1/2 months!

Baby girl is still nameless.  Most of the names on our list have been vetoed by one or both of us, so we’re starting from scratch again.  We’ve zeroed in on one (we think) but won’t be sharing until we make a final decision.  She grows stronger every day.  Last Sunday at church, she kicked me throughout the music prior to the sermon.  We’ve just started attending a very contemporary church and they play loud rock music.  I am not quite sure whether she can hear or was just responding to the vibration of the bass.  Either way, it was pretty funny and I had a hard time not laughing!

We’re having a quiet day here today…lots of reflection on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  With J in school, I am unsure of what he may hear about the day or if it’s something that wouldn’t even be discussed in a kindergarten classroom.  I know that kids in our district as young as 2nd grade will be hearing information about the history.  I can only hope that he can keep his innocence about the hatred that abounds in this world for a few more years.  If you would, pray that any questions he might have can be answered without scaring him or forcing him to grow up too fast.  He is still so young and I would love to keep the scary stuff at bay for at least a few more years.

It appears to be a very healthy baby girl!  I am very excited and I know that the biggest big brother will be thrilled to hear it is a sister when we pick him up from school this afternoon.  He wouldn’t even entertain the notion that it might be another boy!

So here she is, Cora/Georgia/Aislinn/Harper/Eleanor/whatever her name will be.  Clearly we need to have some discussions on this!

Ultrasound at 10:30AM. I’ll get back here as soon as I can to post the news. If you could stop and say a prayer for the health of the baby right around that time or send good thoughts to us, we’d appreciate it!

And I can’t leave without saying…

Go Vols!!!

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D is the dad, the husband, and the breadwinner. All around nice guy and good at pretty much everything he does. It's disgusting, really. But makes him worth keeping around.

M is the mom, the wife, and the hopeless housekeeper. At least the kids' heads haven't fallen off yet. Beyond that, she sucks at the "stay at home" thing. Oh, and she's the blogger.

J is the big boy. Born October 11 2002, he is in kindergarten and loves it. Now 6 years old, and too smart for his own good. Talks a lot but extremely entertaining.

C is the little boy. Born June 26, 2006, he went through a lot in his first year but is doing just fine now. The only blond in the family, so his paternity is routinely questioned by rude strangers.

V is our baby girl. She is brand new and arrived in January 2009. So far everything is going well. We're thrilled to have added the final piece to our family puzzle. And yes, she WILL be the final piece!