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So far this morning, we have made cookies for Santa, reindeer food (carrots, spinach, and apples), and we have tracked Santa’s progress with the Norad Santa Tracker.  (He’s just left the International Space Station!)  We’re going to eat lunch and then watch Meet the Robinsons on PPV.  I’ll be back with pictures tomorrow (I hope!) so I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday now.  May you be as blessed as the W family. 🙂


I survived the litho.  I’ve already passed most of the stone, which is GREAT news…I am unlikely to keep having pain on Christmas.  At least I’m praying that is the case!  Right now I’m still pretty high b/c the anesthesia has taken *forever* to really wear off.  I’ve slept a lot and watched a lot of movies that have been languishing on the DVR.

I am *so* glad that we were already done with Christmas shopping!  I just need to make a quick run to the grocery store for stocking stuffers tomorrow and possibly a shrimp cocktail tray for our Christmas Day brunch.

Since it’s just the 4 of us, we’re keeping the meals low key.  Christmas Eve Dinner was ordered from Home Bistro (fabulous food…highly recommend it!) and Christmas Day will be all about brunch and snacking.  Breakfast foods, fresh fruit, and lots of appetizers.  Since J doesn’t eat anything and C will just eat a little of whatever the D and I eat, it seemed silly to go all out.  I am especially glad now that I decided to keep it simple…considering I can still barely stand up and walk across the room, making a huge spread seems to be a monumentally bad idea!

Nope, not a joke.  I went in for the follow-up on my last one (which you may recall ruined Thanksgiving for me) and they found that the tiny one on the opposite side has grown exponentially and has fallen into the ureter.  The good news is it’s not causing me any pain.  The bad news is that if left alone, I could end up in a LOT of pain over the holiday with nowhere to go but the ER.  Not my idea of fun!

So, since it is unlikely I’d pass it on my own, that it will have to be treated at some point in the not so distant future anyway, and that my out of pocket max has been met for the year, I told him I’ll have the litho tomorrow.  He had 2 others scheduled, so why not, right?  At least it will be free!

I broke down about it for the first time…for a long time I’ve kept a good attitude but now I just feel so…defeated.   I know I should be grateful that it’s not cancer or something equally serious, but right now I am wallowing in self pity.  I can only laugh about it for so long and I seem to have reached my breaking point. 😦

So I won’t be sending them out *again* this year as time got away from me and I never got a good pic of the boys together.  I’m sorry!  We do enjoy all of the cards we’ve been getting, though.  It’s fun to show them to J and tell him who it’s from and how we know them.   C isn’t quite as interested, but I’m sure some day he will be!

I’ve finished Christmas shopping (finally!) and with the exception of getting the food for our Christmas Day brunch, we’re pretty much ready to go.  I have to go Sunday and buy some stocking stuffers for D, but other than that we’re ready for the big event.  This is the first year it will be just the 4 of us…we haven’t traveled during Christmas Eve/Day for a few years now but usually my mom comes to us.  This year, she’s spending the holiday with my brother and his wife’s family in Charleston.  We’ll miss her, but it’s kind of nice to know it will just be us this year.  We do have plans with some neighbors, so we won’t be totally isolated!

Now I must get started wrapping.  *sigh*  I HATE wrapping with a fiery passion.

We all seem to be (mostly) recovered, finally! C had a relapse earlier this week but his croupy cough has once again cleared up and except for still having a runny nose, seems to be fine.

This morning, as I dropped J off at school for his last day before the holiday break, we had this conversation:

J: Mommy, I have 3 girlfriends.
M: (Dumbfounded and speechless for a moment!) Well, who are they?
J: Codie, Ginny, and Charlotte.
M: Oh, what about Khloe? I thought she was your friend.
J: She’s my best friend, but not my GIRLfriend.
M: But she’s a friend, and a girl, right?
J: But she’s not my GIRLfriend.
M: Oh, so there’s a difference between a GIRLfriend and a friend who is a girl?
J: Well duh, mommy.

I don’t even know where to go with this…thankfully about that time we pulled up to the door and it was time to get out.   Funny, yet slightly disturbing.

Snot, vomit, and lots of other yucky things abound at the W house.  C had croup (my first experience with it…luckily it cleared up fast…yay breastfeeding!) and J has missed school every day this week except today.  I finally took him today because he seemed so heartbroken about missing again.  I know he’s no longer contagious, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.  But his cough sounds terrible.  When I dropped him off, it seemed like there were a LOT of kids out sick so it’s obviously making the rounds.

We had freezing rain last night!  Super early in the year for it.  There have been predictions that we’ll have a hard winter this year.   Jackson will probably enjoy that…I’m a bit more worried about the potential for power outages in this old neighborhood with above ground utilities.

D and J are heading to Myrtle Beach this weekend where D’s parents are staying in a condo for the week.  I begged off (as we all know of my hatred for MB) and made plans to do some Christmas shopping with a friend.  We were contemplating a trip to South Park Mall in Charlotte, but there was a tragic accident there yesterday when a woman (apparently) died at the wheel of her car and crashed in the parking deck which caused a collapse of the structure.  Scary!  I think we’ll stick to South Point in Durham instead.  We can live without Neiman Marcus, which is about the only thing we don’t have access to here.  I’ve parked in that very deck multiple times and it’s scary to think that all it took was someone losing control of their vehicle and hitting a wall on the top level for this to happen.  Yikes!

Our internet connection has been terrible lately…I think it’s about time for me to call Alltel and demand they get someone out here to fix it.  Just a couple of weeks ago our phone line was screwed up and they had to replace some of the neighborhood wiring.  I’m guessing it’s connected, but it’s highly annoying to constantly have so much trouble with our phone and DSL. Again, old neighborhood, old wiring, blah, blah, blah.  I think they should just run new wiring for the phone and electricity and put it all underground!  I don’t want much, do I?

This was passed on to me by my writer friend…I did it just a minute ago and it was super quick and easy. If you’re starting to miss your shows, it’s *something* you can do to support the writers and get everyone in Hollywood back to work. I know the situation must be getting dire for a lot of people.


READ this. CALL them. And then please forward this email to anyone and everyone you can… it’s already making a difference.

SC-JOHNSON-GLADE advertising executives and company lawyers are holding a emergency meeting Friday December 7th to debate pulling their network television spots due direct pressure from the thousands television fans who have called and expressed their EXTREME RELUCTANCE to buy their products until the writers of their favorite shows receive a fair contract.

If SC Johnson Glade pulls their ads and asks for their money back, their competitors will likely follow suit. And the sooner the advertisers demand their money back from the networks, the sooner this strike will end!

Let’s make sure that SCJ GLADE feels the heat this week. Please distribute this email to your fans, friends, family, and anyone who watches network television, cares about writers, hates reruns, and despises corporate greed.


CALL SC JOHNSON GLADE at 1- 800-494-4855

PRESS “6” to skip the menu and go straight to a customer service representative.

My name is ________________. I am a consumer calling to tell you
that I support the TV writers in their ongoing dispute with the
television networks. I regret to to inform you that I am no longer
comfortable using, buying, or recommending SC Johnson Glade products
due to your company’s continued financial support of the networks by
paying them for television ad time. Thank you.

After you say this, the customer service rep will ask for your full name and address. If you don’t wish to give them your address, just say that you’d rather not give your full address and offer to give your zip code instead.


The call is free and will only take two minutes of your time. We already know it is making a difference.

Once you’ve called, please forward this email to anyone and everyone you know who watches television or movies. The strike is hurting everyone. Writers. Actors. Crew Members. Everyone who lives and works in or near Hollywood. Help all of them have a Happy Holiday Season. The strike needs to end. Please help. Make the call.

Thank You.

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